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  • Computer Software for Fundamental Acoustic calculations - ACOU-AID V1.0 :

    ACOU-AID is a windows-Based software to help engineers and manufacturers design and perform basic acoustic calculations to verify their selected designs. To get a quote please contact us as well as for further details.
    ACOU-AID gives best knowledge and increases the noise calculation basics and awareness for all engineers, ACOU-AID is registered software in Egypt - under no. 275 / 2006.
    Software Commercial Name: ACOU-AID
    Version No.: (1.0)
    Year of issue: 2005
    No. of modules: 15 Modules
    No. of sub-modules: 7 sub-modules
    No. of Tools: 3
    Programming Language: Visual Basic and database

    General Features :

    All sound calculations meet international standards ASTM E90, ASTM E477, ISO 7235, ISO 3741, ISO 140, ISO 3744, ISO 3746, ISO 6798, ISO 8528-10, ASHRAE Handbook, Sound Research Laboratory,…etc.
    The software is equipped with a database tool for transmission losses and absorption co-efficient. The software is equipped with dB manipulation tool.
    The software is equipped with acoustic dictionary tool.
    The software is equipped with a tool to calculate average room absorption coefficient over octave band. The software is equipped with a tool to calculate pressure drops for different duct configurations and elbows.

    SPL vs SWL:

    The difference between SPL and SWL: SPL is the sound pressure level =20 log P/Pref. P is sound pressure in N/m2 and Pref = 20 x 10-6 N/m2, while SWL is sound power level = 10 log W/Wref, where W is sound intensity in Watts and Wref = 10-12 Watt. The sound is is coming out from the source as SWL and when it travels spherically its intensity will be distributed over sphere area which makes it pressure SPL

    Average Room Absorption Coefficient Calculations Tool :

    This tool helps designers calculate the room average sound absorption coefficient over the octave band. The sheet allows to enter the room dimensions, and from the drop down lists one may select the side wall, end walls, roof and floor material.
    The results of this sheet will be the average absorption coefficients and the reverberation times. These results are very valuable when calculating sound from inside rooms through walls, attenuators and louvers.

    Cost of ACOU-AID Software :

    If you choose to purchase ACOU-AID please contact us and we will send you our best offer within two business days.

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